Lung Disease, Asthma, Emphysema, Bronchitis And Lung Cancer: Common Causes And What You Can Do

Asthma is the most commonly known lung disease, and is increasing in number. Other disorders include chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. There have been many theories offered as to their origin, including genetic, allergic and neurologic. My experience leads me to believe that all of these disorders have a common cause – hyperexcitability of the cell membrane.

The cell membrane surrounding the cell has many functions, including control of acid, water and salt balance; transport of nutrients into the cell; excretion of toxins and waste products out of the cells; and intercommunication with other cells. These activities of the cell membrane generate an electrical charge and this excitability enables the cells to respond to external factors. When the cell is under stress from chemicals, infections, toxins, low energy states and emotional stress, there is an increase in the excitability or electrical activity of the cell membrane. Cell membrane hyperexcitability is a common factor in many diseases because it results in various cell changes, including decrease of energy, muscle contraction or spasm, inflammation, decreased immune function, fibrosis (scarring) and degenerative disease. If continued long enough, it can lead to cancerous changes.

So, rather than a multitude of potential causes of lung disease, I believe that there is a primary one – cell membrane hyper-excitability. And rather than there being many discrete diseases of the lung, there is actually a spectrum of diseases that have a common pathophysiology (the mechanism of disease production).

As we stated in our published article “BRONCHIAL EPILEPSY OR BRONCHO-PULMONARY HYPEREXCITABILITY AS A MODEL OF ASTHMA PATHOGENESIS” (published in Medical Hypotheses 2006, 67, 1042-1051), each of these pulmonary diseases (asthma, COPD/emphysema and lung cancer) may be a single entity in a spectrum of diseases caused by the same underlying mechanism: excitatory dysfunction.

Research has also shown that those patients with chronic asthma, bronchitis and emphysema are more likely to have lung cancer in later life.

What can you do about it?

If there is indeed one pathway to lung disease, there must also be a similar but opposite pathway to lung health.

Benefits of Healthy Diet & Hydration

How do we reverse cell membrane hyperactivity? A healthy diet is the first step. It is the source of life and energy for your cells. Without this invaluable energy, cells must adapt to living with low energy by increasing electrical activity. The worst dietary offenders for cell health are sugar, salt and excess iron (as in red meat).

Some of the simplest nutrients that support lung health are magnesium and omega-3-oil (fish oil), both of which are cell membrane calming agents. I saw a seven-year-asthmatic boy last year whose mother was enthusiastic about getting him off asthma medicines. I suggested that he add fish oil and magnesium to his diet for two or three months. Amazingly, he has been off medications ever since.

Hydration is a very important factor to combat asthma, as dehydration (such as with exercise) causes a release of histamine (excitatory neurotransmitter) which can aggravate bronchospasm. Any supplement that relaxes hyperexcitability is helpful for asthma, including glycine, GABA products, and herbs with these same membrane-calming properties.

Excitement, Anxiety are Triggers

Excitement and anxiety are known to be common triggers for asthma. In my practice, fear, anxiety and especially grieving tend to be common in patients with long-term lung health issues.

I treated a young lady several years ago with an intractable fungal infection of her lungs. Nothing seemed to improve her. After over a year of various treatments, she realized that her grieving over a lost boyfriend had preceded her lung disease. After becoming aware of this, she slowly started to improve. (Coincidentally, my last three female patients who had lung cancer all reported a feeling of grief over lost ones or lost relationships.)

One of the most interesting aspects of this hyperexcitability theory is that there are neurotransmitter sites on the cell membrane that affect electrical activity. Acetylcholine, histamine and glutamate are examples of stimulatory neurotransmitters that heighten cell excitability, whereas relaxing neurotransmitters like GABA and glycine have the opposite effect.

Neurotransmitters are the vehicles of our emotions. Simply put, anxiety-producing neurotransmitters stimulate the hyperexcitability of the membrane, whereas relaxing emotions have beneficial effects on the cells’ excitability.

Five Tips for Healthy Lungs

Making healthy lifestyle choices, including a healthy diet, moderate exercise and stress reduction, is a good starting point. (Amazing how these three habits seems to promote almost all organ health.) My recommendations for everyone concerned with lung health are:

1. A healthy diet free of excess sugar, sodium salt, iron, MSG (a glutamate derivative) and nicotine (a cell membrane excitatory chemical).
2. Relaxation. Some of the common methods of relaxation include breathing exercises, meditation and exercise.
3. Hydration. Remember to keep hydrated, especially if you exercise.
4. Several specific membrane-calming agents that have helpful affects on lung health are magnesium, omega-3-oil (fish oil), GABA, glycine, vitamin D, and herbs like sophora.
5. An herbal combination that can be used to promote overall lung health is found in Get Well Natural’s Breathe Well formula containing sophora, morinda, atractylodes, schizandra, cudrania, and poria. It’s a supportive formula for healthy lung, immune, and cellular function.

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Dilaudid—potent And Effective But Highly Addictive

The description of Dilaudid shows a drug which, if taken illicitly, can have devastating long-term effects – not just through its highly addictive nature, but due to the manner in which it affects one of the major pathways within the central nervous system. Not only does Dilaudid alter the perception of pain that is experienced by the person taking it, but the person’s pain threshold is also increased – a factor that can cause untold damage to a person taking Dilaudid illicitly. Dilaudid is derived from hydro morphine, with a potency known to be at least eight times per milligram more powerful than a similar quantity of morphine. Dilaudid is a very fast-acting drug, providing relief from severe pain for up to five hours, working within fifteen minutes of being administered. This powerful narcotic, which is also highly addictive, is supplied in liquid form, as tablets and suppositories, and in ampoule form to be injected either intravenously or subcutaneously.

When it comes to the number of side effects documented for Dilaudid, it’s a surprise that anybody considers this drug suitable for abuse. Anxiety, nausea, skin rash, blurred vision and headaches are just a few of those experienced: there are, however, many more – all of them unpleasant. This particular narcotic is incredibly addictive, with addiction becoming possible within a few days rather than weeks. The effects of withdrawal, however, are severe and the withdrawal process will often take many months before a person is no longer dependent on Dlaudid. With these effects of Dilaudid being so pronounced, and reliance on this drug so swift, it is hardly surprising that the risks from overdose are so relentless. The effects of overdose include respiratory depression, coma, hypertension, circulatory collapse and the possibility of cardiac arrest. There are others.

People who are genuinely in need of Dilaudid medication are often very thankful for its effectiveness. For the reasons of safety it is usually administered as a small dose in conjunction with other drugs and, used appropriately, is first class medication for pain management therapy. Many patients are wary about the effects after reading about the description of Dilaudid and its capacity for addiction. When a genuine patient is offered Dilaudid, however, there is a deep-seated need for this drug which, when administered, is offered in only very small doses. Each patient is also closely monitored for any signs of undesirable side effects and the dose altered to suit each individual patient.

When it comes to people enjoying the effects of Dilaudid for recreational use, the doses they are taking are usually larger and more frequent, without the benefit of regular check-ups. Despite unfortunate abuse, the description of Dilaudid does not do justice to the considerable relief experienced by the huge numbers of sufferers of intense chronic pain that pain management teams have difficulty keeping under control. As a drug, Dilaudid is very effective for what it is intended to do: it relieves severe pain efficiently and quickly. It is only when you have experienced pain so severe that Dilaudid is the chosen treatment, can you truly appreciate the depth of relief this medication brings to the suffering of an enormous number of people – people who do not misuse Dilaudid neither any other narcotic nor have. This drug should continue to be available to the people whose lives have been enhanced, not by the drug, but from the release from the pain that this drug provides for them.

Herbal Supplement Sanlida for Better Sexual Life

SANLIDA Cordycepin differs from most other aphrodisiacs, such as Viagra, because it does not cause blood-suffusion. As such, individuals who suffer from heart disease and hypertension can still take SANLIDA Cordycepin safely. Unlike many other aphrodisiacs, SANLIDA Cordycepin is a natural male enhancement that can treat erectile dysfunction.

After taking SANLIDA Cordycepin several individuals have reported that they experienced physiological reactions different than what they had when using other treatment for erectile dysfunction. The reason for this difference in sensations is due to the unique properties of SANLIDA Cordycepin. Because SANLIDA Cordycepin utilizes herbs for erectile dysfunction treatment, it promotes sexual desires without damaging nerves or blood circulation. Most other aphrodisiacs use a process that causes suffusion to occur. While this does increase sexual activity, it also causes circulation problems and nerve damage. This results in users feeling a sensation that SANLIDA Cordycepin does not produce.

The unique makeup of SANLIDA Cordycepin, along with its specialized administration of doses, keeps male users sexually active without any health risks. This treatment of erectile dysfunction is also free of any harmful ingredients. SANLIDA Cordycepin is toxin to use and conforms to the International Society of Nephrology’s regulations on safety.

In order to cure erectile dysfunction SANLIDA Cordycepin is to be taken on a regular basis that varies depending on the users goals. For the purpose of preserving health, one capsule should be taken either everyday or every other day. If a user is taking the substance for therapeutic reasons, they should take one to two capsules every day. For sexual enhancement user should take SANLIDA Cordycepin two to three hours before engaging in intercourse.

If a user takes SANLIDA Cordycepin but does not engage in sexual activity, they will feel a surge of energy. They will experience no negative physical effects and, once they decide to engage in intercourse, will be empowered with a strong sexual energy.

SANLIDA Cordycepin does not cause users to develop a dependence on it. Instead, users can stop using the substance at any time. While SANLIDA Cordycepin does not require constant use, it is advised for individuals to take the substance on a regular basis. Doing so will optimize their sexual energy and allow for consistent sexual enhancement.

Many men who suffer from hypertension and cardiovascular problems have noted that aliments had decreased since they began taking SANLIDA Cordycepin. This is due to the fact that SANLIDA is not just a treatment for erectile dysfunction, but also a traditional Chinese medicine for resolving many types of circulation related problems.

Get Health Insurance For Your Potbellied Pig

There have been much books written about dogs like Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows, Black Beauty is the girls think steed after his diary were so cleverly translated, and a current rope of mystery novels featuring sleuthing cats have earned felines a place in the literary archives. Considering that isn’t it interesting that some of the animal characters most people appear to recall the best are pigs. When book lovers think of pigs they beam as they recollect the gentle innocence of Wilbur as he strutted around the barnyard, or they jolt with delicious disgust as they think about how George Orwell’s Napoleon ruled the grow after overthrowing the humans in Animal Farm.

Recently pigs have been judgment their way into more and more homes as family pets. Many pet owners are delighted by the pig’s cutting intelligence and dynamic personality. Or they move into a neat tidy store and pustule and complete litter of new piglets sleeping in a little pig heap on a bed of straw. The next thing they know they have purchased an immature pot bellied pig and are charming it home.

The first misstep people often make is arrogant that a pot bellied pig would make a good pet for their family is that they don’t truly understand that the beauty fades…Speedy. One detailed they share a cute little piglet, the next they are looking at a sharp legged budding piglet with a strangely shaped skull, relaxed jowls, and stiff hair.

The next oversight petted owners make when they obtain a potbellied pig is that they feign it will postpone tiny sized. While it is dedicated that the pot bellied pig is considerably minor then its barnyard cousins pet owners should to understand that the pigs that are worn for bacon and Easter hams are typically butchered at import surpassing three hundred and fifty pounds. The rounded adult sows can weigh in at well over five hundred pounds.

Once you have purchased a newborn potbellied pig you necessity to father idea about its strength tending. Pot bellied pigs should to be spayed or neutered, they poverty to have their feet trimmed on a standard center, they neediness to have their long tusks trimmed, and they necessary yearly vaccinations. Purchasing a pet strength propose for your new pet might help make veterinary thought more affordable. If you decide to foothold a strength cover propose for your pot bellied pig make reliable it is one that it will still be suitable at the end of your pets life, which could bet twenty days away. If you are powerless to find a pet health assurance guests who is promotion coverage for potbellied pigs try to get a trade through the indemnity visitors that indemnify farmers’ useful livestock.

Besides health insurance pot bellied pig owners should perhaps deem getting some capture of liability insurance in suit their pot bellied pig accidentally hurts superstar. For the most part pot bellied pigs are low key and kind but once in a while you can stumble across one that gets goaded with people. Just like their better, barnyard cousins, pot bellied pigs a re very sound they literally toss an ample adult man to the feature with just a little push of their snout.

Weight loss with Advocare

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Benefits Of Occupational Therapy On Schizophrenia

Mental health experts are currently testing out various treatment methods and therapy procedures that would effectively alleviate the symptoms or reverse the conditions of schizophrenia. One of those that have emerged from these research efforts is occupational therapy. Find out more below what are the various components that made experts consider this as a possible treatment option for schizophrenia.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is emerging as one of the leading options to treat patients of mental disorders today, notably schizophrenia and dementia. The concept of occupational therapy involve guiding patients towards doing certain activities to enable them to learn new skills. Meanwhile, these activities are focused around building positive attitude to focus on self-improvement.

The use of occupational therapy for mental health is not a new concept, though. In fact, it has been used by mental health facilities and senior living centers from all over the country. It is also beneficial that patients enjoy undergoing occupational therapy as part of their treatment program since it is rare to find patients embrace a particular method of treatment. The biggest benefit it brings to the patient is the ability to affect one’s perspective and turn it into something positive.

Recovery for Schizophrenia Patients

How does occupational therapy help in leading towards recovery? It is basically simple – the use of creative outlet opens up door to boost the patient’s confidence until it leads to greater recovery. Whenever a patient is able to learn or adapt new skills, it boosts their pride. But the ability to obtain new skills is the biggest reward of all.

The patients are therefore guided by a professional to ensure that each step of the project are carefully worked through. The patient must focus on the individual task given to them. Aside from the technical skills, they will also learn some important qualities such as patience and tolerance for frustrations. The ability to help patients to start believing in themselves is indeed the first step to recovery.

Benefits of Using Occupational Therapy

To make it clear and to better understand why it is important to consider occupational therapy as a treatment option for patients of schizophrenia, here are the benefits one can enjoy:

• It can improve the patient’s concept of self-image and quality of life.

• It promotes positive attitude and belief in self.

• It builds awareness for patients of schizophrenia that they can resolve problems by adapting a step by step procedure.

• It can also bring help to the families of patients.

Methods and Techniques to Use

There are several methods used by experts to employ occupational therapy on patients. It usually involves worthwhile pursuits such as undertaking craft project wherein they can develop new skills while building other positive attributes that would help them cope with their condition. All activities are also designed to keep their mind active all the time, which helps to restore normal function. All of these activities are focused on nurturing the mind in a positive and enriching way.

The use of occupational therapy in mental facilites delve deeper into this concept though. The objective here is to reinforce the neutral pathways of the brain to achieve better mental health for patients of schizophrenia

Maintaining Your Health While Giving Alzheimer’s Care

Just for a moment I want you to imagine that you are coming out of a very deep sleep. If you have ever had surgery try to remember the way you felt as you were trying to make sense of things as you awoke. As you imagine or remember this sensation do you find yourself wondering if it is morning or night? Are you trying to remember where you are? Do you have a startle reaction and think for a moment that you are late for work or forgot to pick up your children at school? I have had that upsetting feeling if I wake up in the middle of the night or even after a nap. Now imagine that same fog every moment of your life.

So many care givers find themselves frustrated with an Alzheimer’s sufferer. They may say things like “He just doesn’t seem to care if I am with him or not” or “He doesn’t enjoy doing anything any more.” I know that it is so hard to accept the changes in your loved one and know that this is going to be your reality. If you can remind yourself that the behaviors are organic it will help. The plaque is building up and spreading over the surface of the brain just as a grassfire moves across a dry field. As it covers more areas your loved falls deeper into that fog. Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t show up like a broken one or a surgical scar but the effects are just as real.

When the things they say or do cause you to feel angry or sad do you best to remember that it is the disease…not your loved one. That’s when it is time for some care giver TLC.

Care giver burnout is a very real occurrence. If you are caring for someone you must include your own needs each day. Your health may decline at a faster rate than the person you are caring for if your dietary, emotional and physical needs are not met. Skipping your checkups with your doctor is not an option.

You may be asking “How am I supposed to do all of this all by myself”? The answer is simple. You can’t do it all alone. The first step to healthy care giving is accepting the fact that you have limitations. Every human being does. You can only stay awake, maintain your health and keep up with the demands for a limited amount of time. When you reach your limit you may find yourself suffering from care giver burnout. You may have trouble concentrating, experience nervous tension, and you may find it difficult to fight off resentment toward your loved one or others in your family that you feel should be assisting you.

Reach out. Call upon your family, friends, church and community organizations. Your local hospitals will have information regarding community resources. This information can usually be found by contacting the Social Services Department. Another good resource is the Alzheimer’s Association. By taking care of your health you will, in turn be a better care giver.

Information On Vaccinations In Dogs

Vaccination prevents a dog from catching diseases that can be life threatening. When healthy dog’s immune system is exposed to smaller part of virus by means of an injection, the immune system starts producing antibodies in response to the virus and helps fight off diseases if exposed to these viruses.

Have you just brought a cute and cuddly pup home? Did you get him vaccinated? Vaccination is extremely important for pet health care and ensures dog health stays best when dangerous diseases attack the animal. Let’s take a look at some of the vaccinations that need to be given to your puppy or dog.

First all you must know the pet health care basics about vaccines. The schedules of various vaccinations vary and depend on the type of jab being taken and the latest availability with the vet. Here’s what most veterinarians agree on:

DHLP-P: According to vets, puppies need to be inoculated when they are 7, 19, 13, and 16 weeks old for the following diseases:

1. Distemper

2. Hepatitis

3. Leptospirosis

4. Parainfluenza

5. Parvovirus

The DHLP-P vaccine is a single formulation for all these diseases. The pet owners must also ensure pet health care by getting their pets annual booster shots. In case, dog health has been compromised due to the fact that your mature dog hasn’t got his DHLP-P shit, then two vaccinations must be given at a difference of three weeks. Some vets also insist on a Parvo booster injection when the dog is 20 weeks old, especially since new Parvo virus outbreaks happen from at a regular basis.

Certain dog breeds such as Rottweilers and Dobermans are easily susceptible to Parvovirus and should be given parvo boosters half yearly for the initial two years. Rabies vaccinations, mandatory by law, should be given to young pups between the ages of 4-6 months.

Note: If you have brought home a rescued dog and are unsure if the dog has been given rabies vaccination, then you can give him one shot each year.

Bordetella: This inoculation is a must for good dog health. A part of your pet health care routine demands that you protect your Fido against ailments like Kennel Cough and other respiratory infections, especially if you are sending your dog to a kennel. Internasal bordetella is given to 8-16 week old puppies, while internasal boosters every year are highly recommended.

Coronavirus vaccinations: Not giving this vaccination can cause severe of relapses in puppies due to diarrhea. This vaccine should be given to puppies when they are 7, 10, 13, and 16 weeks old. Boosters must be given on an annual basis. Annual boosters are recommended. In case of adult dogs, pet health care demands he be vaccinated by two shots at a distance of 2-3 weeks.

You must remember that vaccinations in dogs are the most important part of pet health care. Losing your beloved dog to a deadly disease that could have been prevented can be harrowing and tragic that no pet owner would like to experience. So, always pay attention to dog health and prevent diseases from attacking your pooch.

Eecp – Enhanced External Counterpulsation

EECP is an enhanced external counterpulsation. It is cost effective, non invasive, non surgical, non pharmaceutical, out patient therapy for Angina, Heart attack and heart failure patients. It is FDA (USA) and NHS (UK) approved.

How is EECP Performed?
During EECP Patient lies on bed of machine. Three or five electrodes are applied to the chest to record a constant ECG. A Plethysmograph is applied to index finger to record a tracing that represents blood pressure and oxygen saturation. Set of 3-4 cuffs is wrapped around the calves, thighs and buttocks. EECP system uses an ECG signal to electronically synchronize inflation and deflation of the cuffs.

What is duration of treatment?
Duration for chronic angina and heart failure patients is 35 hours usually one hour per day, five days a week. Some patients choose a 2-hour per day regimen, which reduces the time of completion of treatment. The duration of treatment and interval of rest will depend on the patient’s condition, how much diastolic augmentation is obtained, tolerance of patient and the indications for application of EECP.

What is Mechanism of EECP?
Clinical studies indicate that EECP treatment may create a ‘natural’ bypass of blocked arteries. There are basically two mechanisms involved in this therapy. When we produce diastolic augmentation, this results in opening of lot of inactive blood vessels in heart which helps in bypass the blocked channels. Moreover, this treatment encourages blood vessels to form new small vessels i.e colletrals. These channels or collaterals may eventually become permanent pathways to the heart muscle that was previously deprived of blood flow and adequate oxygen.

What are indications of EECP?
Angina patients who are not relieved by medicine, patients who dont want to have bypass surgery, patients who are contraindicated for bypass or angioplasty like kidney failure, liver failure, severe COPD cases, Diffuse diabetes disease, very old age, patients of Syndrome X, i.e microvessel disease, ischaemic and dilated cardiomyopathy patients all can go for EECP.

What are contraindications of EECP?
Severe aortic regurgitation and aortic stenosis, deep vein thrombosis, pregnancy, very high blood pressure and severe peripheral vascular disease are contraindications for EECP

Side Effects of EECP
EECP has no side effects except little skin bruises specially when patient is not wearing proper skin pants during treatment. In contrast to angioplasty or bypass, it is completely safe procedure with no major risk to patient.

Benefits to the patient
After EECP, patient can walk longer distance without feeling chest pain or breathlessness. Patient’s quality of life improves remarkably. He can take part in daily activities. Above all, patients medicine also decreases, there is less need to take sub lingual nitrates. After treatment heart failure patients don’t have to take high quantity of diuretics.

EECP results verification.
Before and after treatment we perform ECG, Echocardiography, TMT test and Stress thallium scan. All these tests verify the results of EECP. In ECG there is mark decrease in ST segment depression or other ischaemic changes, there is increase in Ejection fraction in Echo, TMT test shows that patient can walk longer distance without chest pain, and stress thallium test also shows that there is less or no more ischaemia in heart.

What is Cost of EECP?
The charge for EECP is approximately one third that of angioplasty and one sixth the cost of coronary artery bypass surgery. In Pakistan EECP charges are US $ 2400 at Dr. Armughan EECP heart Clinic Sialkot.

Insurance & Medicare Coverage
In USA, over 120 insurers are covering EECP. EECP has been covered locally by Paramount, John Hancock, Senior Sense, Paramount Elite, Workman’s Comp, HMO Health Ohio, Messa, Acordia, Access, Envirosource, EV Benefits, First Health, Harrington Benefits, Fortis, Gallagher Benefits, NGS American, United Health Care, Health Alliance Plan, Medical Mutual, Anthem, most Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, Aetna, Family Health Plan,and Fountainhead. Pre-authorization is required for FHP, Paramount, Senior Sense, Paramount Elite, and HMO Health Ohio patients. Medicare and Medicaid cover EECP in patients with class 3 or class 4 angina (chest Pain) who are not good candidates for bypass surgery (CABG)