Dilaudid—potent And Effective But Highly Addictive

The description of Dilaudid shows a drug which, if taken illicitly, can have devastating long-term effects – not just through its highly addictive nature, but due to the manner in which it affects one of the major pathways within the central nervous system. Not only does Dilaudid alter the perception of pain that is experienced by the person taking it, but the person’s pain threshold is also increased – a factor that can cause untold damage to a person taking Dilaudid illicitly. Dilaudid is derived from hydro morphine, with a potency known to be at least eight times per milligram more powerful than a similar quantity of morphine. Dilaudid is a very fast-acting drug, providing relief from severe pain for up to five hours, working within fifteen minutes of being administered. This powerful narcotic, which is also highly addictive, is supplied in liquid form, as tablets and suppositories, and in ampoule form to be injected either intravenously or subcutaneously.

When it comes to the number of side effects documented for Dilaudid, it’s a surprise that anybody considers this drug suitable for abuse. Anxiety, nausea, skin rash, blurred vision and headaches are just a few of those experienced: there are, however, many more – all of them unpleasant. This particular narcotic is incredibly addictive, with addiction becoming possible within a few days rather than weeks. The effects of withdrawal, however, are severe and the withdrawal process will often take many months before a person is no longer dependent on Dlaudid. With these effects of Dilaudid being so pronounced, and reliance on this drug so swift, it is hardly surprising that the risks from overdose are so relentless. The effects of overdose include respiratory depression, coma, hypertension, circulatory collapse and the possibility of cardiac arrest. There are others.

People who are genuinely in need of Dilaudid medication are often very thankful for its effectiveness. For the reasons of safety it is usually administered as a small dose in conjunction with other drugs and, used appropriately, is first class medication for pain management therapy. Many patients are wary about the effects after reading about the description of Dilaudid and its capacity for addiction. When a genuine patient is offered Dilaudid, however, there is a deep-seated need for this drug which, when administered, is offered in only very small doses. Each patient is also closely monitored for any signs of undesirable side effects and the dose altered to suit each individual patient.

When it comes to people enjoying the effects of Dilaudid for recreational use, the doses they are taking are usually larger and more frequent, without the benefit of regular check-ups. Despite unfortunate abuse, the description of Dilaudid does not do justice to the considerable relief experienced by the huge numbers of sufferers of intense chronic pain that pain management teams have difficulty keeping under control. As a drug, Dilaudid is very effective for what it is intended to do: it relieves severe pain efficiently and quickly. It is only when you have experienced pain so severe that Dilaudid is the chosen treatment, can you truly appreciate the depth of relief this medication brings to the suffering of an enormous number of people – people who do not misuse Dilaudid neither any other narcotic nor have. This drug should continue to be available to the people whose lives have been enhanced, not by the drug, but from the release from the pain that this drug provides for them.